A patented innovation

As part of research work in microelectronics conducted with Albert Fert, 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics, a new material composed of gold and tungsten has been patented by CNRS. In its 750/000 composition (3/4 gold and 1/4 tungsten), this innovative alloy proved to be the whitest gold in the world!

This innovative material is today obtained as PVD coating (Physical Vapor Deposition).

Periodic table
The first white gold coated jewel

Designed for bridge and fine jewelry

With a CIE Lab color never seen before, the DAUMET white gold is also non-allergenic, durable so it’s a guarantee of comfort and safety for your customers.

In fine jewelry, its unlimited coating thickness improves the lifespan of jewels and allows to reduce the palladium concentration in your massive white gold pieces.

In bridge jewelry, this new gold alloy gives you the opportunity to launch a new product: the first white gold coated jewel, as an alternative to silver and rhodium plated jewels.


We market our technology through licensing to jewelry groups and PVD industrial players.

In addition, we develop our production facilities to make average series for European customers.

DAUMET PVD innovation