Bespoke gold coating

Bespoke gold coating

From single masterpiece to series of several hundred pieces

Your own gold color

Your own gold color

From 24k to 18k white gold, your own brand color, never seen before

source of NFT design

Our exclusive and customizable know-how for your NFT

Gilding of organic materials

From leather to textiles, through wood and feathers, DAUMET illuminates and personalizes your materials with white, yellow and pink gold (18 to 24 carat certificate of guarantee).

This original art craft, carried out dry and without chemical agents, has the particularity to preserve the initial texture of the material, its hand and its smell.

A key know-how for a sustainable luxury
Bespoke gold coating


Capable of producing patterns as fine as 100 microns, DAUMET’s know-how opens up new horizons for designers. We carried out artworks on wood, cow leather, metal, watchmaking pieces. Coming from the field of microelectronics, the DAUMET team transposes its techniques to the world of creation. 

An ultra-resistant gold coating

The result of a three-step process, preparation, gold coating and finishing, our custom technique meets the most demanding specifications. DAUMET integrates your manufacturing process to respect your aesthetic and technical expectations (resistance to abrasion, UV, humidity…).

Abrasion test on DAUMET gold coating