Slide L'or, un matériau innovant pour l'industrie INNOVATIVE GOLD USES

New generation golds, materials of the future

For 7000 years, gold has been used mainly for aesthetic and monetary purposes. Applications also use its optical or electrical properties but they remain confined in volume. Today, DAUMET opens up a much wider range of possible applications thanks to its innovative technology.

In order to better understand what we offer, let’s take the analogy with the grafting technique.

  • In medicine, the latter makes it possible to replace a limb or an organ but there are very few compatible donors.
  • In agriculture, it makes it possible to associate two different varieties and thus to obtain cultures that are impossible with the varieties alone.

In nature, there is only one metal capable of replacing gold: tungsten. However, “grafting” had never been possible. DAUMET carries this technology which makes it possible for the first time to combine these two metals and thus:

  • on the one hand to substitute part of the gold in its current applications
  • on the other hand, to offer materials with properties hitherto impossible (the whitest gold in the world is an example).

Today, DAUMET offers industrial players to support them in the development and optimisation of their products through these two major axes.


Today your gold platings require a consequent thickness to conciliate the lifetime of your product with the ductility of gold. Thanks to its alloys, DAUMET co-develops “frugal” gold solutions aimed at optimizing the quality of your products and concretely reducing the environmental footprint of your offer.

To save gold
Gold based materials


With its alloys such as white gold, DAUMET has revealed hitherto unsuspected properties of gold. The company offers to design and develop processes together, which could implement thin layers, powders or even nanoparticles.

Example in the automotive industry: lowering the operating threshold temperature of catalytic converters.