We often hear: “Gilding is beautiful but it does not stand the test of time.”

Thanks to its know-how, DAUMET is able to durably push back the resistance of gilding, but the company is now the only one capable of applying it on any exceptional material. DAUMET brings preciousness through the sobriety of a golden touch, avoiding the use of massive gold.

Whether you are an independent creator or a designer in a luxury House, DAUMET’s innovation allows you to reconcile innovation, design and respect for the environment on your leather goods, watches, haute couture creations…

DAUMET’s know-how: a new tool for customising your exceptional products.


From leather to wood, textiles and feathers, DAUMET illuminates and personalises your materials with white, yellow and pink gold (15 to 24 carat guarantee certificate). This unique craft, carried out dry and without chemical agents, has the particularity of preserving the initial texture of the material, its hand and its smell.

Gold coated organic matters
ebony watch face coated with 24k gold

Precision of detail

Coming from the field of microelectronics, the DAUMET team transposes its techniques to the world of creation. Able to produce patterns with a fineness of up to 50 microns, DAUMET’s know-how opens up new horizons for designers.


The result of a three-stage process, preparation, gilding and finishing, DAUMET’s made-to-measure gilding meets the most demanding specifications. DAUMET is thus able to integrate your manufacturing process with agility in order to respect your aesthetic and technical constraints (resistance to abrasion, UV, humidity, etc.).

The company works from a single piece to collections of hundreds of pieces.

Artist's view of a molecule