🦋 Preserving life by using precious metals more efficiently 🌍

Due to their scarcity, precious metals induce a colossal environmental and social impact (mining, deforestation, mining waste, water consumption and pollution, armed conflicts, prostitution…).

However, just like the pressure on other resources such as oil and water, we have now reached the peak of gold production. As its price will remain very high for many years, it is reasonable to think that Man will continue to track down its slightest trace and thus consider its extraction in still preserved areas (see Yellowstone, sea bed…).

Our technology can allow us to continue to use gold and other precious minerals sparingly and thus postpone the advent of exploitations that are highly destructive to living organisms.


p├ępite d'or sur bois

Objective: to save more than 100 tonnes of gold per year

This technology has been labelled by the Solar Impulse Foundation as an ecological and profitable solution to today’s environmental challenges.

Let’s find out in more detail what environmental impact this will have in terms of the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives (SDGs).

Sustainable development goals UN

Water, a crucial issue

A 5g gold ring = 500 showers

In 1 year, DAUMET would save 10 years of water consumption for the city of Paris.


Produce differently

Strong relocation of surface treatment to Asia over the last 15 years

Reindustrialise in France, while promoting artisanal miners in developing countries.

SDG 12

Consume less and better

Demand for jewelry increases with the world’s population

Using gold more efficiently by substituting it wherever our technology allows (100tonnes=4% annual consumption)

SDG 13

Concrete action for the climate

1kg of gold = 12500 kg of greenhouse gases emitted

DAUMET would extinguish the carbon footprint of the city of Paris every year.

SDG 14

Protecting marine life

Seabed mining

Making maximum use of the earth’s soil resources rather than destroying unexplored ecosystems

SDG 15

Protecting life on earth

Deforestation, mining waste, mercury pollution…

Hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest conserved and with them the biodiversity that lives there

To go further…

If we manage to develop our solid white gold, we will save more than 200 tonnes of palladium and rhodium per year. Although these two metals pose different problems, they would represent an environmental impact almost 10 times greater than the one explained above .

Climate change and the increasing scarcity of raw materials are major challenges that we will have to address collectively. DAUMET is taking an active part in these issues in the field of precious metals, with a potentially very important ambition on a global scale.

gold mine
Fairmined artisanal miner


Since its creation, DAUMET has always used only recycled gold and now wishes to take a step forward in its responsible approach.
In 2019, DAUMET thus acquired a FAIRMINED licence in order to diversify its gold sources by the end of 2020 and thus support artisanal mining communities in their economic and social development and to ensure the limitation of the environmental impact linked to gold extraction.

Through this action, DAUMET is helping to provide a concrete response to the CSR issues of the Houses with which it works.