An history around materials science and sustainability

When Cyrile Deranlot created DAUMET in 2016, his 8-year-old daughter asked him one day:

– Dad, why are you creating DAUMET?
– You see this ring on my finger. To whiten gold like this, we mixed it with metals that are so rare in the Earth that we go and get them from very deep mines. Sometimes in holes so small that children of your age do it. I, in the lab, made a material that could change that so I’m going to try it.
– Dad, it’s going to be hard but it’s good!

gold microelectronics

From research in physics to exceptional materials for luxury

The story begins in 2011, with our founder working in research at the CNRS/Thales Joint Laboratory based in Palaiseau. Under the scientific direction of Albert Fert, 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics, this laboratory designs tomorrow’s electronic components, which will be ever more efficient and less energy-consuming. To do this, they need new materials, and for the first time they have succeeded in mixing gold and tungsten, the hardest metal in existence. In addition to their interest in electronics, these new materials have proven to be interesting for many applications because they have properties never seen before. The 18-carat alloy (3/4 gold and 1/4 tungsten by weight), for example, turned out to be the whitest gold in the world and thus a potential answer to a very old problem in watchmaking/jewelry making: to obtain a solid white gold that is both white, shiny and non-allergenic for the skin. If they had just succeeded in obtaining these properties for plated jewelry (thin layer of white gold), it was now necessary to achieve this for solid jewelry. Cyrile Deranlot, a metallurgist by training, left the CNRS to found DAUMET in order to develop this solid white gold.

The support of big names in luxury

The LVMH group detects us in early 2017 and selects DAUMET among the 32 finalists of the prestigious LVMH Innovation Award at Vivatech 2017. This will be followed by the integration of the first two promotions of La Maison Des Startups LVMH at Station F. In parallel to this spotlight, we start work with the Herm├Ęs group. This will enable us to discover more quickly how the companies operate and to work on concrete problems encountered in the manufacture of their products. The meeting between our knowledge and their needs for innovation led us to develop an exceptional gilding service to discover here.

Soutiens Luxe DAUMET
Finition sur or 24 carats

From the art craft to the international SME

After having conquered the interest of many actors of the luxury industry and having participated in the making of beautiful and durable products, our company is now living a new stage. The health crisis has caused the price of precious metals to skyrocket and the demand for our technology is becoming more important. We have to grow and therefore raise funds to develop both the team and the production tool. Great prospects for the years to come!