We are shaping an answer to the gold shortage.

Oil is becoming scarce, so man is looking for alternative energies.
Although less mediatic, gold knows the same stake and DAUMET prepares a pioneer answer.

Our patented technology focuses on materials and processes that save gold and offer new uses for it.

DAUMET uses its new knowledge in materials science to design a more sustainable gold future.

At a time of climate change and increasing scarcity of raw materials, DAUMET is a cleantech with a positive impact from an environmental and social point of view.

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Sustainable luxury

Beautiful, precious and resource efficient, that is the promise of DAUMET.

DAUMET offers an innovative know-how to personalise luxury products with a delicate golden touch.

An arts and crafts adopted by many of the world’s largest companies.

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Gold coated feathers
The whitest gold


DAUMET has invented the whitest gold in the world. For the first time in 1000 years, a gold is white and non-allergenic for the skin, offering a new offer for bridge jewelry and soon the solution to a historical problem in high jewelry.

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Following the example of its whitest gold in the world, DAUMET is developing gold with new properties. An unprecedented field of applications is opening up to the precious metal and we invite you to imagine them with us…

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Gold innovation

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