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The whitest gold in the world, an exclusivity from DAUMET

DAUMET’s exclusivity

An innovative gold alloy, the whitest one !

The DAUMET’s team is at your service to develop with you white gold coated jewels and so you could escape from silver or  rhodium plated jewels. The exclusive gold from DAUMET is white, shiny and non allergenic. Its cost is also compatible whith the segment of costume jewelry.

And now imagine an idea in gold !

The revolution of white gold

For the first time, you can imagine different coated collections whith the three colors: yellow, pink and now white.
Jewels for mens or womans, costume or pieces of creator, from gold coating to plaquage, DAUMET will adapt its processes to your  needings in terms of  esthetic and wear resistance.
Possibility of process licensing for large series or fabrication by DAUMET for small collections.

La révolution de l’or blanc


Beyond its exclusivity, the white gold from DAUMET falls within a sustainable approach supported by the european Union, to discover on our Innovation page INNOVATION