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DAUMET, one of the most innovative companies in gold metallurgy.

DAUMET, the innovation

The alloy of gold and tungsten proposed by DAUMET is an innovative technology coming from research work in spintronics realized with Albert Fert, Nobel prize in Physics 2007.
The company develops today several unique processes of gold coating from this alloy ant its spectacular properties.

DAUMET opens to you a new way in the gold metallurgy.

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Daumet, l’engagement

Daumet, the commitment

By substituting palladium and rhodium by tungsten, much more abundant in the ground, DAUMET helps you to decrease the environmental impact of your creations. So you participate to decrease your carbon footprint while preserving rare resources for the future generations. DAUMET takes the engagement to only work with recycled gold and use dry processes without any chemical bath.

The European Union supports accordingly the technologies from DAUMET.



THANKS to all the industrial, institutional or academic actors which support DAUMET from the beginning of this adventure.