The gold and tungsten alloy proposed by DAUMET is an innovative technology resulting from spintronics research conducted by Albert Fert, winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics.
Today, the company develops unique gilding procedures stemming from this alloy, which wields remarkable properties.

DAUMET opens a new path for you in gold metalworking.

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By replacing palladium and rhodium with tungsten, which is far more abundant in the earth, DAUMET helps you minimise the environmental impact of your creations. You can thus help minimise your carbon footprint and preserve the earth’s precious resources for generations to come. DAUMET is committed to working exclusively with recycled gold and using dry procedures, free of chemical baths.

The European Union supports accordingly the technologies from DAUMET.



THANK YOU to all the industrial, institutional and academic stakeholders that have accompanied us since the start of this venture.