Daumet proposes to the creators of the luxury an alliance of matters and innovative gold alloys.

The company, based in Paris, offers particularly the first shiny white gold in the world (CNRS patented process).

This breakthrough white gold named SpinD Gold presents several major benefits:

An exceptional white colour

With its yellowness index < 19, no more rhodium-plating is necessary.

Non allergenic

No problem with health or certification.

Cost advantage

Tungsten alloy is less expensive than current palladium gold alloys.

No rhodium-plating means reduced after-sales and logistics costs.

Environmental benefits

A reduced carbon footprint, less energy consumption and pollution emissions.

Decorative coatings
  • Gold coating production according to volume and shape
  • First shiny white gold in the world
  • Sale of the PVD coating process licence
  • Implementation of the process in partnership with our customer

Daumet could personalize your products for your specific needs and creative challenges.

On any matter
  • Whatever the matter you work, we adapt ourselves.
  • Wood (marquetry), silk, metals, polymers, glass, leather…
  • Your creativity is our only guide.

Massive alloys

The Daumet team is currently working on providing SpinD Gold in other manufacturing processes such as powder sintering or casting.

A team with golden signs


  • CNRS research Engineer
  • SpinD Gold Inventor
  • 18 years’ experience with gold in chemical and electronics research
  • HEC Challenge+, 3rd best business plan prize (promo 2014-2)

Cyrile Deranlot

  • Certified Jeweller
  • Master in Social sciences
  • Certified project manager
  • 15 years’ experience in product development and marketing (watches & jewellery)

Marine Kohler
Chief Marketing Officer

  • PhD in Material Sciences
  • Working on SpinD Gold further development
  • Product development

Rachid Boujamaa
Technical Manager

  • 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Initiator of the research work on gold-tungsten alloy in spintronics

Albert Fert
Scientific Committee

  • International expert in gold metallurgy
  • CEO
  • Previously CLAL Technical Director

André Behlouli
Scientific Committee


THANKS to all academic, institutional and industrial supporters who have been with us since the beginning of this adventure.

Prizes and Awards

Finalist for CleanTech Open France 2017
Finalist for LVMH Innovation Award 2017
Top 3 at Start-up Connexion 2017
HEC Challenge+, 3rd best business plan prize,  promo 2014-2
ILab2014 prize, Emergence category


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The name “Daumet” comes from the ancient French daurare meaning “to gild” and the latin meta meaning “change”. It demonstrates the company’s commitment in combining traditional know-how and modern technologies while respecting future generations.

SpinD Gold refers to the spintronic research work conducted with Albert Fert, D stands for the exceptional density of this new precious alloy.

9 rue Clodion, 75015 Paris, FRANCE

+33 6 62 07 50 48